Pattom have been supporting me over 2 and a half years, they tailor the support to fit me as an individual, and to maximise every positive aspect out of my life regardless of my disabilities. The staff never see problems, only solutions and they are all so friendly, productive, hardworking and respectful. The personal details that matter to me are always remembered, I feel extremely lucky to have such a wonderful team helping me through life. They go above and beyond their duties to help me, after each call I feel amazing and uplifted. Their work is outstanding and I can’t imagine life without them! — Marley Q
First of all may I just congratulate you and your wonderful staff as a whole for the support I have been given this week-I couldn't have asked for anything better, you've all worked your backsides off for me and it really is so greatly appreciated, please press emphasis on those words because I can't thank you enough!! Then I had AH supporting me yesterday and she made me feel truly special and pampered! She absolutely scrubbed my kitchen clean (I didn't even recognise it by the end!) and she doesn't just 'do the sides' she cleans like I used to, absolutely everywhere is thought of, the sides, the top of the fridge, the cooker, the cupboard doors....we are talking a true deep clean which makes me feel so good afterwards, I think everyone feels the same when their kitchen is all clean you go in to make a cuppa and it's all beautifully organised and smelling good-wonderful!! I felt like an absolute pampered princess by the end of yesterday, it honestly was one of the best days of my life- just sublime. And especially after all the stress of the hospital on Tuesday, I was left feeling rejuvenated. Thank you AH and thank you Pattom!! — EQ
I am writing to thank you and your team for all that you did for my wife and to express my deep appreciation for the manner in which you all looked after her over the last few months of her life. The complete professionalism and quality of the care you gave her was outstanding, but far beyond that was the friendship which you all showed her which made such an enormous difference to her quality of life, particularly in the later stages. The extra care and consideration that you all showed her, and which was unfailingly extended to me as well as far beyond that which was expected and with always remain an abiding memory with me. Words alone cannot convey how much we both appreciated the friendship and compassion from each and every member of your team and perhaps a small measure of how much you all meant to us is the fact that the house is now almost unnaturally quiet without your regular visits which my wife so looked forward to. Thank you again for everything that you did for us both. — M.Hardcastle
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for Mum and Dad and, indeed, for us all as a family. When we very first talked to you we were becoming quite worn out with caring for them and holding down busy full time jobs. You took all that strain and worry from us and by taking over their care enabled us to spend family time with Mum and Dad when we saw them rather than spending all our time ‘doing stuff’. We have spoken to their GP a couple of times and he has commended your care of them and indeed has said that Dad would not be with us now if you had not been so capable and thorough in your care of him. We have also greatly appreciated the times when you have ‘gone over and above the call of duty’ in meeting us out of hours to discuss the way ahead or attending meetings with Social Services with us and the many many other things that you have done for us as a family that have made such a difference to our care for Mum and Dad and eased the worry. Unfortunately their health has now deteriorated to such an extent that they have now moved into a nursing home but your input and care has enabled us to keep them both at home for far longer than we would have done without it. I wanted to take this opportunity to express our thanks and gratitude to you and your team at Pattom for everything you have done over the years. I wish you all the very best for the future. — Sue Martyr
Your staff were so wonderful with mum, and HL you read to mum even to the end, of which she loved. Thank you again. — Mrs Parker, Feb 2011
The staff are wonderful especially JG. Being cheerful in the early morning gave him a boost and started the day for him in a happy frame of mind. — Mrs Gritt, March 2011

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