Personalised Budgets

This section aims to provide information on the various funding opportunities and methods open to people with a learning disability and/or a mental health condition.


Personalised budgets

Local councils are now introducing what are called “personalised budgets”. This means that people with a learning disability can now choose for themselves how to spend the money that is allocated to them in order to meet their needs.

Local councils will have to carry out an assessment to find out how much money the person could be entitled to; the person can then decide how it is spent. The money that the local council provides can be spent on things like:

  • Buying personal support from a provider.
  • Choosing and appointing support staff.
  • Buying aids and/or adaptations to make living at home easier.
  • Attending more leisure activities.
  • Purchasing computer equipment to help with communication.

As well as the personalised budget from the local council, state benefits, such as Housing Benefit or Local Housing Allowance, might also be available to pay the rent for a house or flat, and Income Support and Disabled Living Allowance to pay for food, clothing, transport, and other living costs.

There might also be financial support to attend a college, or to find and start a job.

A person can manage their own budget or engage Surrey Independent Living Council to assist them with management their budget.

The whole point of personalised budgets is that the person should have as much control over their own life as possible, and have the support that they need to live their life in the way that they want.

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