Supported Living

Pattom always aims, where possible, to empower people to support themselves within their own homes and communities, to live independently, and to maximise their opportunities.

To achieve this, we provide a full range of support services. For example, we support people:

  • with shopping
  • with meal planning and preparation
  • with cleaning, laundry and ironing
  • in getting a job
  • in finding and attending a college, or other courses or training
  • in using public transport
  • in planning and going on a holiday
  • to access the community-based activities they wish to attend. We can also accompany them to these activities
  • to develop and maintain personal relationships

Pattom also aims to teach people ‘everyday’ skills, such as telling the time, and recognising signs.

These services are intended to meet ‘the five accomplishments of ‘normalisation”, being:

  1. Community Presence – The right to take part in community life, and to live and spend leisure time with other members of the community.
  2. Relationships – The right to experience valued relationships with non-disabled people.
  3. Choice – The right to make choices, both large and small, in one’s life. These include choices about where to live, and with whom to live.
  4. Competence – The right to learn new skills and participate in meaningful activities, with whatever assistance is required.
  5. Respect – The right to be valued and not treated as a second-class citizen.*

*Taken from “A Practical Guide to Working with People with Learning Disabilities”, edited by Hilary Brown and Sue Benson (London 1992)

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