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Pattom has an experienced Board of Directors and management team, which are responsible for the overall management and operation of the company. Pattom’s ‘Responsible Person’ (registered with and approved by theĀ Care Quality Commission) sits on the Board. Pattom’s Board of Directors is supported by specialist consultants. Pattom values itsĀ team of support workers who are dedicated to their work.


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    Jamie O'Rourke
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    Ruth Benton
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    Francesca Dale
Pattom Staff

Jamie O'Rourke - Director of Services and Operations

Jamie was responsible for the creation of Pattom nearly 3 years ago, he originally joined Pattom as the Registered Business Manager, and he has now become a company shareholding director. Jamie is still responsible for the day to day management of Pattom. Jamie has worked in the social care industry for over 14 years and has a great passion for delivering a high quality care provision. Jamie does hold a diploma in Health and Social Care and also holds a instructors certificate in the delivery of Non Violent Crisis Intervention Training.

Jamie Believes that everyone has the right to receive appropriate care provision within their own homes and strives to offer a fair and appropriate service to all.

Pattom Staff

Ruth Benton - Team Leader

Ruth has worked within social care for over 4 years and joined Pattom 2 years ago as a support worker; she has progressed to Team Leader and now has the responsibility for the day to day management of the team of support workers and also for the assessment and management of our service users. Ruth shares Pattom's ethos of delivering a high quality care provision and strives to ensure that this is upheld and available to all.

Ruth does hold a diploma in Health and Social Care and also a diploma in Teaching.

Pattom Staff

Francesca Dale - Team Leader

Francesca (Frankie) has worked in Social care for over 3 years now; she joined Pattom in July 2012 as a Team Leader. Frankie works alongside Ruth and they the role of managing the staff team and also the responsibility of assessing and management of our service users. Frankie believes in Pattom's ethos and works hard to ensure that a good and high quality service is offered at all times. Frankie is committed and always strives to ensure that the best possible service is offered to all.

Frankie is currently working towards a diploma in Health and Social Care.

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