About Us

We are a domiciliary care company that supports individuals across Surrey. We specialise in supporting people with a diagnosed condition relating to mental health, physical health, learning disabilities, autism or any combination of the four. We have a well-trained and very compassionate team of support workers. We have great confidence in our support team and their ability to help the people that use our service fulfil their wishes and objectives relating to their support.

Our Services

Support with your mental health

We understand the importance of mental health. We will support you in a way that enables you to feel comfortable having support whether you’re mental health is high or low

Support with a physical health condition

We pride ourselves on assisting you to lead a fulfilled and as active a life as you wish to. We will work with you to help you to achieve all of your essential daily tasks as well as to access all of the places and activities that you wish to.

Support with your learning disability

We will be there to support you in the areas that you find difficult to manage or understand. We also want to support you to grow your strengths and embrace the things that you are very good at.

Support with Autism

We understand the importance of support and how this will impact your life. We pride ourselves on being punctual, reliable and working in a way that ensures you feel comfortable.

'Working for Pattom allows me to structure things in a way that accommodates other areas of my life. I also like the variety of work on offer and the support provided from the office staff.'

'Best company I've worked for, rewarding work with really nice, friendly people providing a very caring service.'

'Maria is brilliant. She does so much for me, especially since coming out of hospital, which has really helped me get back on my feet and organised. Maria is incredibly helpful and you can't ask too much of her.'

'Jack is my brother from another mother. We have so much in common and we get on so well, but Jack also knows how to keep me 'in check' and doing what I need to be doing. Jack has got to know me and my head so well.'

'Seeing the support you give N shows us your ethos is in line with ours and we always want to celebrate and encourage high quality, empathetic and enabling support'

AK - I'd like to thank you all for your immense support to me in such a short space of time. You've all made my life more manageable and I'm forever grateful for the relief Pattom has brought me. I know I'm hard work at the moment but I also know that it won't be like this always and I'm using every bit of energy I have to make sure that happens.

Anonymous - ' Emma is lovely she is'

Anonymous - 'Charlotte is lovely and great'

SA - I feel that under the circumstances we have all been in under the pandemic my manager Martin has been great with supporting me. I have had to come out of my comfort zone during this time working and I feel that I have had support from my manager